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But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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To Hell and Back

If you could see

The day

They hung Me on a tree

What would you have seen

And what would it be like?


For one, you would’ve seen

A lot of blood

Two, you would’ve seen

A lot of mud


For it did rain that day

In a great and mighty way

As the sky went dark


But I will tell about

My journey to hell

And what I did see


The day I went to be

In the very bowels

Of the earth

When they laid Me

In the grave


For that day

I was hung on a cross

And those I love

Thought Me dross


And desired to see

Me put away

For the so-called crimes

I committed that day


But the only crime

I committed

Was the fact I submitted

To the very sin

That caused you to die within


The sin

that brought Adam down

And took away his crown

The day he ate from the tree

And rebelled against Me


For that sin was a crime

And a shame

But I had to bear it

On a tree

So you could be free


For it should never

Have been this way

But sin and rebellion

Has its price

And that price

Must be paid


It could be paid

By you

But could you afford

To pay the price?


For the cost is high

As you can see

By what I had to do

By dying on a tree


But do you think

You could pay

That price?


The truth be known

You could not

Nor could

Any other man


For the day Adam fell

And rebelled

Against Me

In the Garden

Where there was a tree


When he ate

From that tree

He did die


He died inside to Me

And ultimately

Died physically


But a curse

Came on him that day

As he bowed to serve

The evil one and his way


He disregarded My word

And did not keep what I said

And didn’t honor Me


And the curse

Came upon him

And upon Eve, too


And they both found

Themselves naked

Hiding from Me

When I came to see


But on that day

When I walked into the Garden

They could not say,

“Good day!”


They could only look

And blame

And point the finger

The other way


But what most fail to see

Is this man died, indeed

His body became corrupt

And returned to the dust


It rotted

And ultimately


Nothing but dust


From dust

He came

And to dust

He went


But because

His blood was cursed

And his body was, too


It was not fit

To pay the price

Of the sacrifice

That had to be paid


So the wrath

Of My Father

Could be stayed


For sin must be judged

And it cannot abide

with Me in any way

In any day


For those that would

Abide with Me

Must understand

That I do not

Abide with sin


Nor do I play with it

Or look its way

Because it’s disgraceful

At best,

On any given day


It’s rebellion

And death

And a whole lot more

And it only 



And destroys


And never employs


Or love

Or honor


But as you can see

He was not able

To set himself free


And all men

That came from his loins

Inherited this curse

All for the worst


And all men were corrupt

And evil filled the earth

Until I sent a man

To build an ark


And I judged the earth, too

And started with him

All over, anew


And after the flood

When men

Did multiply again

Upon the face of the earth


There was one man

I sought

His name was Abram


And I made

A covenant with him

To bless his house

And to give him

A promised child


And in the process of time

I told him

To take his beloved son

And sacrifice

And give him

to the One


And I showed him

Where to go

And pointed the way

And he honored Me

And obeyed


In that day

He raised his hand

To sacrifice his son


And it was at that point

That I stopped him and said,

Stay your hand!

For look, there’s a ram

Caught in the thicket.


I did not suffer him

That day

To sacrifice his son


But I made a covenant

With this man

That still stands


And I promised My friend

That day

That I would do the same


That I would come

And be the Son

That would sacrifice

For everyone


You may not understand

All that means


But I will say

I came

In the process of time

Born of a virgin


I came in a special way

So My blood

Could be preserved

For another day


For My Father bypassed

The cursed blood of man

So that I could be

Free from sin


And be able to pay

The awful price

To win

And restore

That which was lost


And in the process of time

I ministered

Throughout Israel and Galilee

Telling about the better way

And the kingdom at hand


And I left but two commands:

Love your Father,

The Lord your God,

With all your heart,

With all your soul,

And with all your strength.


And the second command

Was like unto it

Love your neighbor

as yourself


I gave these new commands

Because the ten

That came by way of Moses

Only pointed the way to sin


But they were never able

To pay the price

Or win back

That which was lost


But I proclaimed

Grace from place to place

As it was given to Me


But the hour came

When I was called

To go to Jerusalem

For I knew

What I had to do


But it was a hard road to go

And I agonized 
Along the way

And I told My disciples 
About it

In that day


They did not know

What to think

For they did not understand

All that was in My Father’s mind

But he had revealed it to Me


But there were many

Religious leaders

In that day

That did not like

The things I said

Or My way


Many there be today

Like these

That cannot see

Their hand before their face


Nor have they come

To know My heart

But they’re stuck

In their ways


And they would bind

Their ways

Around another man

And make him ten times

The child of hell

As themselves


But they know not

What they do

They are the blind

Leaders of the blind


But these leaders set out

To find a way

To slay Me in that day


And then one came

And betrayed Me

One of My own


And sold Me

For thirty pieces

Of silver


And I was delivered

Into their hands


And in time

In the inquisition

That was to come


I was put into the hands

Of the ones

That would crucify Me


And I died

On that wooden cross

When they drove those nails

Into My hands


And there I did bleed

As I hung

Upon the cross that day


And there was another

Next to Me, too

Who said,

Remember Me

When you come

Into your kingdom


And I told him,

This day

you shall be with Me

In paradise


But the other thief

That was crucified with Me, too

Was only contemptible to Me

Like many be


But as I lay upon that cross

Stretched out

Sin entered in


And I cried with a great cry,

My God, My God,

Why have you forsaken Me?


For I did not know

What death was like

For I had never known

Anything but life


Nor had I ever been cut off

From My Father before

And it was nothing short of horror


And I descended into hell

As I fell

And fell

And fell


For I had died

And they took Me down

Off the cross

And laid Me into that grave


I still remember that day

When I looked up

At hell’s gates


Fear gripped My heart

As I began to see demons

Desiring to rip Me apart


For there is nothing

There but hate

And all that does 



And destroy 


But as I was taken in

Because of sin

I felt the weight

Of all the sin

That had been

Placed upon Me

For it was grievous and great


And it was at this time

That I lost all hope

For death had taken Me

And it snared My mind 

And it was like a web

Around My head 


And darkness

Was all around

And the heat did rise

And it was hot, too

Like a furnace

That would burn

Through and through


And there I stayed

Until the penalty was paid


Then I heard the voice of One


It’s enough!

Open the gates and set Him free.

For He’s My SON!

Come back to Me!


And life came within

For the penalty for sin

Had been paid!


I walked out that gate

And as I was leaving

I saw the impenitent thief

That was hung with Me

Standing there glaring at Me


For he came to see

What all do

Who forsake Me


And angels came

And bore Me up

On their wings


And took Me across

The great chasm

To Paradise


Where I was free

From every vice

Because I had paid the price


And there I stayed

Until I was raised


And that same day

The penitent thief died

Who had cried out to Me

To remember him


Although he had sinned

I let him into Paradise

Since I’d paid the price

For his sin

And he, too, was ushered in


For he did abide and stay

But My Father called to Me 
And did say:

You must return,

And finish

The work I’ve called you to do.


And he sent Me back


I came back into My body

The angels did light up the tomb

And the glory came into Me


And there was a great earthquake

As one of the angels rolled back

The stone

And let Me out


How I did praise

My Father that day

For delivering Me

In such a mighty way!


But I AM One

That has been

All the way

To hell and back


And My body lay

In the grave

For three days


And I will be

The first to say,

Don’t go that way!


For I did encounter

The full wrath

Of My Father

And of sin

And of death within


And none need

Go that way

If they’ll simply

Look to Me


For all that look to Me

And accept what I did

And acknowledge

My blood

That was shed

On their behalf


They can be free

From the sin within

For they can be

Born again

Born from above

From My Father’s Love


All to experience My glory

And come to know

The full story

What life was truly

Meant to be


Not to experience

What happened to Me

You don’t have to go that way

Because I did for you


But you must believe

That I did it for you

And receive it, too


And My Father

Will receive you

Like one born anew


And he will not remember

Any sin

But you can come

And be one with Him


And one with Me

You can be born

Into this family


Born from death

Into life

Free from sin

And free from strife


For these words

Are faithful and true

And I do speak them

Directly to you


And to whomever

Will read this letter

You will find


My Spirit tapping

On your shoulder

In a special way



Hear what I would say

And don’t go that way!


But if you reject Me

And My blood

That was shed

To cover your sin

And remove it

And remove the death

From within


You will find

That you can’t be Mine

Or My Father’s


For we will not

Abide with sin

And you only cut

Yourself off

From the greatest love

You could know


For there are hardly words

That I could say

To convey

My heart today


And though I do speak

In a rhyme

I declare

This is the hour

And time

Of the last days


And soon I AM coming again

To receive all those

That have been

Born again

Who are alive and remain

Who look to Me the same


And I will meet them

In the clouds

As I’ve proclaimed

In My book

And receive them

Into glory


And there they will not see

Any more gore

Any more horror

And the dread of sin



Look around

Don’t be a clown

Don’t be a fool

But learn to rule


Come receive

A new crown

And a new gown

From Me

And come and win

For eternity


Forsake sin today

It’s not worth it

In any way

It only leads to death


For sin is not

Some kind of fun

Sin is of the evil one

And it’s rebellion

And it will destroy


That embraces it


It’s like poison

It will kill

And steal your life

It never gives back

Any lasting joy


But I came

That you might

Have life

And have it

More abundantly


And I came

That you could

Have My joy

To the full

Until it overflows

For there is more

Than you know


But come

And look to Me

And remember

What I did for thee

On that cross


I died and paid your cost


Come to Me

Don’t hide your face

But embrace 
My love

And I’ll receive you


And you’ll begin to see

What life was truly

Meant to be


For I AM He

That died for thee

My name is Jesus, of Nazareth

October 31, 2007 – A prophecy given by William A. Lee
                            – Recorded and edited by Linda I. Lee



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