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But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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Time Will Tell

For who would know
The mind of the Spirit?

And who would find
The time to discover
And uncover

What the Spirit is saying
To the churches
In this hour

But those that have
A pure heart
And put their trust in Me?

For they are the ones
That will truly see
What is the mind of the Spirit

For many desire
But they have no real fire
And in the end
Only covet those I send

Because they will not
Take the time
To hear My mind
And realize the time

But if you would
Change your ways
And begin to seek Me
With a meek heart

You, too,
Will begin to see
What others
Only desire to be

But if you would see
Into My heart
Then you must
Prepare your heart
And make a place for Me
To abide with thee

So forsake your ways
And begin to praise
And gaze My way
And you’ll begin to see
What I have in mind for thee

For time will tell
Those that are faithful to Me
And time will reveal
What is really in thee

So I say, come today
And start to pray
For then I will begin
To make a way

And when you pray
Do not recite
A prayer
Only because
It sounds right

For I want to hear from you
And I want you to tell Me
What is really on your heart
For that is the best place to start

Be honest with Me
For I do see all
Great and small

And I see
In your heart

So don’t waste time
Trying to sell Me
A bunch of fluff

Get real
And then I will
Begin to heal
What is deep inside

So go ahead
And pour out your heart
For that is the place to start

And when you come to pray
Speak to Me
For I AM He
And I want to
Commune with thee

But don’t be surprised
When I reply
If you will take time
To be still
And wait for an answer
To the questions you seek

Don’t run in
And blast Me
With you past
Failures and sin

For that is why
I came
To wash away
The stench of sin
Each day
So confess your sin 
to Me 

But when you pray
Come to be
With the Father and Me

The Holy Spirit
Will be there, too
And We will ALL
Be waiting for you

So come enjoy time apart
With the Father
And know that I, too
And the Holy Spirit
Wish to commune with you

For the Holy Spirit
Will not speak of Himself
But He, nonetheless,
Desires to be with thee

But don’t be like the many
That come to pray
As though they were
At a funeral each day

So if this is you, I say,
“Let the dead
Bury the dead.”

For when you accept Me,
Jesus the Son,
Your old life
Is buried and done

So come and talk to Me
Like you would
Your best friend

And then
You will see
The desire
The Father and I
Have to be with thee

For those that seek Me
Each and every day
I have a special place
In My heart

And I look forward
To the time I spend
For it will never end

So be My friend
And come talk with Me
And let Me be
A comfort to thee

But if you would come
And ask for anything
Ask the Father
In My name
And He will give to you

But ask in faith
And believe
You receive

Get on your knees?

Please do not think
That I only care
For those that I call

For if the truth be known
Many fall short
To be with Me
As I would like it to be

Never be too busy
To seek My face
Because there will always
Be a race to chase

But take the time
To come
Be Mine

And discover for yourself
All the blessing
Sitting on the shelf

That I desire to give
To those that live
With Me

Come and see
What prayer
Was truly meant to be

But first toss out
Your traditional ideas
And thoughts

For most of them
Do stink
And rot in My nostrils

For the one I seek
Is meek
And true to his heart
And only desires
To know Me

And he is not there
To put on a show
For if the truth be known
He would rather go

To that special place
That he made
To seek My face
Where we embrace

For there are many
That do envy
Those that have come
To know Me
In a special way

But to you
I would say,
“The way is open
But it all starts with you.”

For until you open the door
I will not come to stay
Or say
What is on My heart

For I only share My heart
With those that truly
Set Me apart
And count Me
As a costly Jewel

For I am no fool
And I am not looking
For the best show in town

But the truth be known
I just want to find
Those that are kind

And truly want to share
And bare their heart to Me
For they are the ones
I go to seek

So if you are reading this today
And you are wondering why
I have not come your way

All I can say is
Get real with Me
And I will become real to you
Just come and see

And one more thing
That I would like to say
For I AM not religious
In any way

So if you come to Me
Putting on airs
You have just made an error

I only desire a true fire
I do not like fake fire
That some desire

Though it may look real
It will only steal
And it never truly burns
Hot or bright

But it is only a fake light
And plastic wood
And those that like it
Are like it

Stiff and cold
Never bold
And phony
Full of baloney

And those that are like
The fake wood and flame
Are always ready

To pass the blame
Wondering why
I never pass by

So get real with Me
And let your religious
Thinking be gone
And replace it

With a new song
In your heart
And true praise
Set apart to Me

Then it will not be long
Before you see Me

Only time will tell
If you truly mean well
And are looking
To fellowship with Me

So as for My part
I will be there
When you truly seek Me
With your whole heart

That, My friend,
Is the place to start!

So Says, Jesus, the Lord of the Heart.

August 8, 2007 – A prophecy given by William A. Lee
                     – Recorded by William A. Lee 
                     – Edited by Linda I. Lee



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