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Revealing Wisdom

But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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Only Seek The Truth

Some may be alarmed
At what I AM about to say
But I only speak the truth

So hear what I would say
To My church
And to all that would read
The words of this prophecy

For I have decided
To make it plain to all
So all can see what I see
And understand My mind

And recognize the time
For these are the last days
And the last hour is at hand

And like a chime
From a clock
Hanging on the wall

Let all
Hear what I have to say
And make a note of it today

For many there be
That do not regard Me
And they think 
What I say
Is simply a myth
Or a fairy tale

But those that think
That way
Do not know
The true foe

And they do not see
Or understand
The work of My hand
Or the love I bear
To those I call dear

For there is a true
Division coming
But it shall not be
In My church

For as I divided
Day and night
And wrong from right

There will become
A great division
Among those that seek Me
And those that desire to be
Like the devil of old

The tempter
That first sold
The great lie
And this division
Shall clearly
Be seen by all

But those that are darkened
By reason of sin
Will not entirely understand

For they only seek
Their own way
On any given day

But those that follow Me
Will certainly see
And understand

The meaning
Of that which I do
For I proclaim it to you

For there will be
No more division
In My church

But that is not to say
That I’M not cleaning house today
That I’M not purging
And removing the dross

And those that will not
Look to Me
Though they seem to be
Like one of My own

All will see
The true wolf inside
And they will not
Desire to abide

And these wolves
Will run and hide
For the light
Will be bright

And My church
Will become a bright light
Full of My glory
Proclaiming My story

And all that wish to be
Like unto Me
Full of light and bright
Having sight to see
Then come to Me

And I will graft you in
And adopt you as a son
And you can be one
With Me
Throughout eternity

But those that would fight
My people
And My ways

Will only come to stand
In a daze
And in a fog

They will not see or know
Their right hand
From their left

And all they’ll find
Is a judgment
Of a whole ‘nother kind

For you may not know Me
But you don’t have to be
My adversary

For I AM good
Loving and kind
And I only do
That which is right

But if you desire to fight
You will see
You’re no match for Me

You will find
Of a whole new kind

So take My advice
And go your way
And mind
Your own business

And do not think
You’ll sink
My ship

But it’s you
That must learn to bail
Before your ship
Takes you straight to hell

But who are these wolves
And these adversaries, too
Could it possibly be you?

Search your heart
And you will know
Because I will now
Give you a test
That will certainly show

Look into your heart
And consider what I say,
Do you truly love Me
And the things I would say
Or do you think
There’s a better way?

For if you think
There’s a better way
You’ve deceived your heart
Because you do not see
The truth in Me

But you’re a wolf
Full of guile
Desiring to feed
On those in need

Do you embrace truth
And righteousness?
Or are you content
Even with a little white lie?

For if you’re content
With any lie
Then you don’t know Me
And you’re like your father
The great spy

For he was a liar
From the beginning
And the father of it all

And if you would embrace him
And his ways
Then you forsake Me
And what I would say

For if a lie be true
Then why does
Two plus two
Equal four?

For I establish laws
And principles, too
To help lead
And guide you

To keep you on track
So you would not
Come under attack
From the Evil One

Are you willing
To steal or kill?

Before you answer
That question
Let Me help you see
What I’M asking
More carefully

If you would steal
Then you’re not willing
To look to Me
To provide for thee

And regardless
Of what you may think
Or what you may
Have been told

I boldly say,
I will bless all those
That come to Me

And they will see
What prosperity
Was meant to be

But you will only see
What I say
If you keep your eyes on Me
Every day

And I become your source
Of supply
Instead of prying it
Out of another’s hands

As for killing
Are you willing?

For if you hate your brother
Or any other
And you’re unwilling to forgive
Then you’re unwilling to live

You’re unwilling to live with Me
And you’re unwilling to see
The truth behind
The motive of your heart

And I would not say
That many who love Me
Have not gone
The wrong way

But in the end,
If they turn and repent
And are willing to relent
And willing to forsake their ways

Then I’m willing to be
The loving Father
To that one

But if you just think
You’ll get around to it

And you can harbor it
In your heart
Every day
Then you do not know Me
Or My way

For if you knew Me
And you humbled yourself
And called out to My Son

And received Him as the One
That died for your sin
So that you can begin
A new life with Me

Then you would see and know
That I planted a seed within
Your heart that would grow

And this seed
Has everything you need
To know Me
And to be free

But it will not develop
Into all its glory
Unless you spend time with Me
And water the seed

So if you will
Honor Me
And My ways

This seed can grow
And mature
Into something beautiful
And pure

That’s just like My Son
The Holy One
And just like Me
The Father of Lights

For this seed
Is not just 
Some sort of weed
That will grow
As you go

But it must 
Be tended
And cared for
And be subjected
To the right light

The light of My word
Or haven’t you heard?

For My word is light
And it shines
Into the darkness

And those that love it
Come to it
And look through it

But those that abide in darkness
Hide from it
Because they hate what they see
Even Me

But if you do not love Me
And embrace My ways
Then you’ll never see
What life was meant to be

For I AM just
And I AM good
But I will not allow you
Into My neighborhood
To destroy My family
And all that I love

Because if you forsake Me
There is nothing left
You’ll ever see

For you’ll abide
In outer darkness
Away from Me

And you’ll go
To the same place
As the great spy
Who spun the first lie

For he, too
Thought Me dross
And wanted to be the boss
But in the end, he lost

For if you want to be with Me
Then embrace all My ways
And look to Me
With a steady gaze

And don’t think you know it all
For if you would humble yourself
Before Me
You would quickly see
How much you don’t know

So don’t be a fool
And walk in pride
But humble yourself
And learn to abide

And though I may chastise
Those I love
And teach them how to live
Like a dove

If you think you’re so wise
Then you would certainly see
My ways are better
Than that serpent of old

For what you
Don’t know
I will now show

For this serpent of old
Despises you, too
No matter what you do

For he hates you
Because he first
Hated Me

Because you’re made
In My image
So you could see
And be just like Me

But if you
Forsake Me
He’s all you get

But in the end,
He’ll only spit
In your face
Even if you embrace him

But if that’s the way
You wish to go
Just know
It’s a hard way

And I tell you the truth today
For this is no fairy tale
Or some yarn spun
Just to have fun

For theses words
Are My very own
Spoken through a prophet
From the very Throne

And if you would
Come against him
You would also
Come against Me

And I’ve already told you
What will be
Your reward

But I’ve also said
In My word,
Receive a prophet
And you’ll receive
A prophet’s reward

For he heard
These words from Me
And honored My request
To write them down

So you could hear the rest
And take this test
And discover
Where you stand

For if you have
Any further questions
About this exam
Then feel free
To come ask Me

But make sure you realize
That I will not chide
With you
I only tell it straight

Because straight and narrow
Is the road
That leads to life

And broad and wide
Is the road
That leads to destruction

And if you would come to know
Your function
And your place
In My grace

Then when you seek My face
Go wash yours first
And examine your heart, too

And if you’ll prepare yourself
And believe
I’ll come talk to you

But it’s not
On your time
Or on your schedule

If you truly want to know
Then seek Me
With your whole heart

And be willing
To embrace
My ways

For I will never say
That would contradict
What I wrote in My book

And if you would
Truly know My heart
And what I would say
That’s where you should start today

I’m sending
My Son
Back to the earth

For soon He’ll come
To His own
And take the Throne
For soon all will see
The coming of the KING

But before that day
Realize that I’ve made a way
And I’m not some tyrant
Nor am I a fool

You can come to Me today
By My grace
And run your race
Looking to Me

Or you can come
Before My face
In disgrace
Because you thought
You had it all together

Consider what I say
Be the wiser today
For I took the time
To invite you to be Mine
And I even wrote it in a rhyme

But what more would you
Want Me to do?

If you truly seek
To know the truth
And you truly
Want to be free
Then start today
By seeking Me

The Father of Jesus, LORD of Lords and KING of Kings

October 12, 2007 - A prophecy given and recorded by William A Lee
                           - Edited by Linda I. Lee 




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