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Revealing Wisdom

But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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I Anoint and I Appoint

I’m beginning to stir
As it were
A whole new brew
For there are those
That I would have chew

On My word
As it were gum
And savor its flavor
But this is no mere gum
For this is My Spirit
Running to and fro
And on the go
For I’m bringing sight
To those in the night
So they can see
Things soon to be
I’m raising up many
Great and small
From the four corners
Of the earth
And they too,
Will be a sign
In this time
They will be
Great lights to see
Great lights in the night
That will shine bright
For soon the whole world
Will see
Great mysteries
Hidden in Me
For all do know
There’s something great
About to show
Something is on the horizon
Yet who can see
What I intend to be
But those I would call
To speak for Me?
For I have called many
Throughout the church
And throughout the earth

To speak and teach
To proclaim in My name
Things that would be

Things that they would see
In My word
So that it would be heard
But I cannot just send anyone
For who would know
Unless I show

Except they first
Come to Me
And I would help them see?
For I have called all
To be a part
Of My body

And as many
As would
I bid to come
But there are some
That I do see
That look to Me

And see My heart
And I knew they were willing
To set their life apart
And therefore I called them
To send a word in My name
And to teach you the same
To bring healing
And to bring life
For how should any see
Except those I would anoint
And appoint?
For when I put out the call
I do install
Many gifts
And these gifts
Are precious, indeed
But they flow from Me
So others can see
For how do you teach
A blind man to see
And a deaf man to hear?
And how would you know
What to say
Or do
Except I would show it to you?
For I proclaimed
A tree is known by its fruit
And if you do not have the fruit
And you think you’re one of those
That I’ve called
Then I would say,
Look to Me today
And ask Me, too
And I will make it plain to you
But if I do not make it plain
Then go your way
Feel free to be Mine
And walk with Me, in kind
But do not take
Or usurp the authority
That I’ve put in place
Or you’ll only come to disgrace
And a quick end to your race
For I’m not playing games
But I’m building My church
And it’s precious to Me
And all will see
What it means to Me
And if you’re one
That I have called
Make your calling sure
Hear what I would say
And study My book well
And do not let your head swell
Because there’s one
Who seeks your destruction
And desires to end your function
And he will succeed
If you’re not looking to Me
For I’m the only one
Who can help you stand
For there are many
That have come
To try to undo
What I’ve done
For it would have been
Better for them
To have a millstone
Tied to their neck
And cast into the depth
Of the sea
For these offices and gifts
Are My grace
To My church and to the world
So all can see
The revelation found in Me
So take heed
What you would say
Against any of these
I appoint
And anoint
For they are the apple of My eye
And those that will hear them
Will hear Me
But if you will not hear them
Or submit to their authority
That I have given them
Then you would not submit to Me
For I’m unveiling My truth
And making My heart known
But I’m not writing it on stone
I’ll write it in your heart
And I’ll set you apart

If you’ll simply believe
That I AM He
That died on a tree
Simply because I love thee

And My Father loves you, too
But realize what I do
It is no institution
Or organization

But it’s My body
And if your little toe did hurt
Your whole body
Would feel it, too

And so it is with Me
And so it is with you
If you hurt I feel it, too
Just as you do
For I am not aloof
And so far off
That I cannot see
The things that be
For I see every heart
As clear as day
And I know those that seek
To come My way

And I watch over them
For they are My joy
And My rejoicing

They are My crown
And My blessing
And they’ll the sparkle
In My dressing
And just as I AM the Light
They are, too
But if you would know
And grow
And come up higher
Then understand
What I would say
For My word is My way
And I’ve made it available
To you today

In My book
And in this prophecy, too
So I could address
And declare
What I would say to you
If you would know My mind
Then first go find My book
And take a new look
Wash your eyes
And read it again
But before you do
Ask Me to
Open it up to you
For you will never see
Or come to know
What it means
If you will not come to Me
And draw on My Spirit
For I will give you
What you need
And I will feed you
Because I AM
The Good Shepherd
I AM no leopard
I do not hunt
Or seek to kill
Or steal
Or defame
Or maim
But I AM the Giver of Life
I do what’s right
And I bring order
Hence, I have set
Apostles, prophets,
Evangelists, pastors
And teachers, too
In My church
All are given to help you
So you can grow
And know
Hear and see
And learn to walk
In the opportunity
That I present to all
That will call Me Lord
For My name is Jesus
And I AM alive and well
And by My word
And by the mouth
Of this prophet
I do say,
Soon I’m coming your way
And you’ll hear
And you can draw near
Or you can mock
And miss your hour of visitation
But don’t let it be
Humble yourself and see
That I AM no fable
And I AM no myth
But if you would know
Then believe
What I would say
And believe
My word today
For I am not deaf
And I can hear
All those that call on My name
And look to Me
Just the same
And if you will ask
And believe
You will receive
An answer from Me
And remember,
You do not wrestle
Against flesh and blood
And those I appoint
They too,
Must grow like you
So don’t get out of joint
Or get miffed at one
When in the end
You’re just as undone
But put your focus on Me
And I’ll help you see
For I do work
Through My church
And those I appoint
And if you would not come
And abide with those
That call out to Me
Then you fail to see
And you fail to hear
What I would say
For I did say,
Forsake not the assembling
Of yourselves together
As is the manner of some
So if this shoe fits you
Then you’re the one
That is undone
And you will not grow
Like the sheep
That strays away
From the flock
You’ll be the first
The enemy eats
And he’s looking
For those that walk in pride
And think they know the way
Therefore they stray
And if that be you
Then come back to Me
And I’ll show you the way
And I’ll give you a place
In My grace
And I’ll protect you, too
And you’ll see
There’s more to Me
Than those that I anoint
And appoint
And though I love them dear
They are like you
And wrestle day by day
With the ways
Of this world
But if there are those
That I would anoint
Or appoint
Who would get out of joint
I will correct them
And I will make it right

For it’s not your place
And it’s not your grace
But you look to Me
If you wish to see
But if you look to man
And to his hand
You fail to understand
My heart
And what I desire to impart to you
Let Me bless the one
That would humble himself
And say,
“Lord, help Me today.”
And I will hear
And draw near
And bring a refreshing
And a blessing
For My name is Jesus
And I AM the Good Shepherd
October 8, 2007 - A prophecy given by William A Lee
                        - Recorded by William A. Lee
                        - Edited by Linda I. Lee




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