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But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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Gold In The Rock

Who would sell
Their most precious thing to Me
If you could buy
Life eternally?

If you could know Me
The Lord God Almighty
What would you be willing to pay?

Am I worth a dime?
A dollar?
Or thousands to you?

Or am I more like refuse
And trash 
To be dashed 
Under foot?

For I know many
See Me as drab
And see Me as dross

But that’s only because
They fail to see
The true hidden value in Me

For I do not flaunt Myself
Or prostrate Myself
Down the street
In all My glory
For everyone to meet

And many may ask
Why would I choose to hide
My face
From those I desire to embrace

From those I wish to abide
With Me
But the answer is truly simple

For I want you to see
The true value in Me
Not with your eyes
But with your heart

I want you to weigh
The value of the truth
And what it means to you
Compared to the value of the lie

And then find out why
The truth
Is precious to Me
And why it should be to thee

For if you look closely
You’ll see
The truth weighs much more
Than any lie you would buy

For I want all to see
The true value in Me
And I want all to see
The value of the truth in Me

For I AM the way
The truth
And the life

And if you wish to live
With Me
Throughout eternity

Then you must be willing
To embrace the truth
And face the fact
That it’s the best way to go
Or didn’t you know?

For if you despise
The truth
Then, in the end,
You will despise Me

Only a fool
Refuses to see
His hand before his face

If you embrace the lie
You’re like the great spy
Who spun the first lie

For he’s like a spider
That spins his web
To catch the simple for bread

For he spins many lies
And he knows not
The truth

And if you ever see a lie
Then you know the spy
Is nearby

But I have good news today
For all those
That are willing
To come My way

For I AM willing
To impart My life
And give you freedom
From sin and strife

So that you can know the truth
And come to be free
And walk in honor like Me

For that which I proclaim
Cannot be bought
For any price

But is free to all
That make their claim
And call on My name

For like gold
That must be dug out
Of the rock

Though it’s free
There’s work to be done
If you would mine it out

And so it is with Me
I AM like gold in the rock
Precious and worthy to be sought

But you must seek Me
If you desire
To find Me

Not because I desire to hide
But because I desire
For you to abide

And abiding with Me
Is not a one-time thing
Or some kind of fling

But abiding with Me
Is residing with Me
Hearing what I would say
And learning from Me each day

For there is much more to learn
Than you may know
And there is much to discern
If you would overcome the foe

For I despise his lies
And if you would side
With him

You will never find
The true rest
I seek to give
So you can live

But how would you know
The truth
From a lie?

Except you abide
In My truth
And become like a sleuth

For that serpent of old
Whom I call the great spy
Knows not the truth
But only lies

He is full of guile
And full of wiles
And you’re no match for him

On any given day
Unless you know the Truth
And embrace what I would say

For that’s the only thing
That would send him
On his way

Oh, that you would hear
My heart today
Oh, that you would come
To understand what I say

Become like a lawyer
And review the case
And look at its merits, too
And the truth
Will become clear to you

But for those that would say,
I know a better way
Or those that would say
All paths lead to life with Me

If you think you know the way
Then I tell you the truth
You’re more like a sheep gone astray
And you’ll make a tasty meal
For the wolf someday

And you should also know
You’re like a man
Dangling over the side of a cliff

And the rope you’re hanging onto
Is beginning to break
And is only held by a string

And you’re about to see
What it means to fall
On the rock below

And when you fall
There will be no way
To get up
For you’ll be broken
Against the rock

And none will be able to help
In that day
Even if they were
To run your way

For you would find
You’re truly in a bind
With no way out
And no remedy

So hear what I would say
And stop playing
With your life today

For it is no small thing
And you’re hanging
By a string

If you would be wise
Then don’t despise
The truth

Or the things I would say
Because I only desire
To help you go
The right way

So if you were wise
You would judge
The merits of the case
And see the truth
For what it truly is

For what would
This world be like
If there was nothing but spite
And there were no truth
To keep evil in check?

For you would not be safe
In any way
And you would live in fear
Every day

But if that is your idea of utopia
Then you fail to see
What life was truly
Meant to be

And in the end
You’ll descend
Into fire

For you must see
That if you refuse
To embrace the truth
You cannot live with Me

Nor will I subject
Any that I love
To your ruthless nature

For you will go
To the place
Of the disgraced

To help you learn
How valuable the truth
Is to Me

And in the end
You will be
Cut off from Me
For all eternity

And you’ll discover
A phobia
Of a whole ‘nother kind

And this phobia
Is not like any other fear
You have ever come to know
For this phobia will only grow
And grow

And there is no escape
For it will become your master
And your disaster

And I don’t desire
To try to woo you with fire
All so you could see
The truth in Me

But the fires of hell
Have been reserved
For all those that serve
And embrace the ways
Of the Evil One
And forsake
The truth and Me

So if truth were like numbers
Then you could
Check and see
If it adds up perfectly

If your life were like numbers
And we checked to see
Would it add up perfectly?

Would the answer be true?
Or false like a lie?

If the answer does not equate
To something that is true
Then you do not understand
What I said to you

But I invite all
Great and small
Rich and poor

To come and see
The blessing
That I can truly be

For I do not require
An oath of celibacy
Nor do I require
You to accept poverty

For these are simply
More lies
Spun by the great spy

But I do require
That you have a desire
To come up higher
And accept all
That I would say

And be willing
To embrace
All My ways

For My ways
Will only enhance your life
And cause you to be free
And all you were created to be

For I desire to give you
A new dressing
And a new blessing
For I desire you to see
The value in Me

And when you come to see
The true value in Me
Then you’ll start to see
The purpose I placed in thee

For I’ve made a place
For all that would embrace
The free gift I wish to give

But you must choose
The truth
And you must choose
To live

I made a way
To be free from sin
So you could know Me
Deep within

I hung on a tree
To set you free
And all I require
Is you acknowledge Me
And that deed

But I will not force you
For I will let you choose
Even if you wish to lose

But there’s no need
For you to lose
I plead with you today

Just be willing
To look My way
With a true heart

And seek Me earnestly
As you would for gold
And you’ll discover
Things you were never told

Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life

October 16, 2007 - A prophecy given and recorded by William A Lee
                          - Edited by Linda I. Lee




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