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But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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The Glory And The Story In A Tree

I call your attention today
To a new way
I set before you
Things I’m beginning to do

For I say,
“Blessed is this day.”
For I proclaim
By My name
Wondrous things
To be done

Things to be said
And things to see
Places to visit
Deep in Me

But who would come
And who would go?

And who would wait
To hear what I would say?

By My Spirit
I proclaim,
My love for all
Just the same

For I do love all
And My love is grand
My love is extended to you
By My right hand

Take My hand
And come with Me
For I will take you
On a great journey

For in Me you’ll find
Blessings of every kind

And many more
Laid up in store
For all those
That walk through the door

For if you desire to see
The things that shall be
Then come with Me

And mark this day
In your mind
And in your heart

For it’s the day
That you took a journey
With Me

For I AM He
That delivered thee

For I AM He
That desires to be
All to thee

For I AM He

For I will give you
Sight to see
Deep into Me

So all will know
What I sow
For I will sow
So all can know

A seed to be
A tree in Me
A tree that’s high
Into the sky

Unlike any other
You’ve ever seen
A tree that’s green
Of another sheen

High and high
It grows
Into the sky

Look to Me
And you will see
What’s within the tree

In the tree
Is a blessing for thee

In the tree
Is what I see

What’s in the tree
Came from Me

Its branches are broad
So all can see
So all can hear
As they draw near

Its branches do fly
In the sky
As its leaves
Ride the wind

For the wind
Does sing
As it blows
Through its branches

For there’s life in Me
Much like a tree
As it blows in the breeze

As when the Spirit passes by
Many wonder why
When they look at a tree
Why I created it to be

But I created it for thee
So you could see
My glory
And understand the story

Full of splendor to see
The story of the tree
Is found in Me

The story is My glory
The story is My glory

Come and see
What awaits thee

Come and see
What’s under the tree

Come and see
What’s yet to be

Come and see
What’s hidden in Me

For when you look at a tree
You will see
There is but one
Under the sun

There’s no two alike
And there’s no two I like
More than another

But I do cover
Them with leaves
And needles, too

All so you can enjoy
The blissfulness of the breeze
Blowing through the trees

For the wind blows here
And the wind blows there
And I set the tree
To dance for thee

It dances in the breeze
And claps its hands
Rejoicing and praising
All the day long

For in it there is
A righteous song
That can be heard
Even from the whistling bird

From tree to tree
You’ll also find
A smell of a different kind

For when you look at a tree
There’s more than
What you can see

In every tree
Three’s a piece of Me

But I’m not the tree
And the tree is not Me

The tree is but a blessing to see
And it glorifies Me

As the breeze blows
Through the tree
All can see
Its diversity in Me

For every tree
Will cover thee
Whether by the sea
Or high on the mountaintop

For I set them to grow
In all the places
You would go
So you could
Always see a tree 

Its beauty and grace
Can even be seen
In one’s face
When they look at a tree
Because they see Me

For in it little squirrels
And varmints do reside
And in it the bird does fly

He does land
And make his nest
So there he can rest

For I made the tree
To be restful
To stand through time
A testimony of My strength

Its roots go deep
As they look
For water to seep

Seeking the light of day
They grow to great heights
Along the way

For in every tree
There’s a different glory
To see

No matter where you go
You’ll always
See the show

Just pick a tree
And you’ll see
My glory
And a piece of My story

You’ll see
Some grow tall
And high
Into the sky

Some grow wide
And deep inside
Some are small
And some are tall

But all in all
They do call
They call to thee

Saying, come and be
Near to me
For I’ll cover you
I’ll give you rest

And I’ll give you a show
Simply come
And watch me grow

Who invented the tree
But Me?
But who can see
What it was meant to be?

I made it for all
Great and tall
Rich and poor
All the more

I made it to be
Warmth to thee
I made it to be
Building blocks to see

I put in it a chair
And a table, too
All just as fine
And good for you 

But who can see
What I put in a tree?
Can you tell?

For I set it apart
So you could
Look into its heart

Count its rings
And you can see
Into eternity
The passage of time

I made it to be
I caused it to be
Art to thee

You put it in a car
So you can go far

For few there be
That would not
Like a tree

But every tree
Finds its glory
In Me
I gave it a gift
To all
Great and small

To build
And to yield
Its strength in the field

To give you a fire
And the fuel
You desire

I made some sweet
Some you can even eat

But what would life be like
Without a tree?

What would earth be like
If there were no tree to be?

What would you see?
How would you know Me?

For you write on it in a book
And you make pages to look
So you can see
Deep into Me 

For how would you write
Or print at night?

For you can see
There is much in a tree

But can you see
What it was meant to be?

It was meant to be free
It was meant for thee

To discover
What you could uncover

To discover
The glory within

To take its yield
And wield a tool
To make a stool
That even a fool
Can sit upon

And when it burns its fire
It creates a desire
Deep within
A warming to some
A warning to others

And though it burns bright
It is but for a season
In the night
And then it begins to wane
And smolder the same

Yet it begins to glow
And in the snow
Beneath the ash
Its embers burn hot
And can’t easily be put out

So you can see
Some of the glory
Found in a tree

A house
Its walls
Its floors
And its doors
And a whole lot more

A place to cover
A shelter
From the storms of life 

For I made the tree
To protect thee
To feed thee
To teach thee 

To declare My glory
And proclaim a story

A story that all can read
That all can see
Written in the tree

But can you see
The glory in the tree?
Can you see
What I have given thee?

For when you stare
At a tree
Do you wonder
What it was meant to be?

September 7, 2007 - A prophecy given by William A. Lee
                               - Recorded and edited by Linda I. Lee




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