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But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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The Free Way

Think it through
What would life be like
If it were left up to you?

Would sin abound
And grace be erased?

Would you find time
To give another a dime?

What would you do
To solve
The problems
That need resolved
In the earth today?

Or would you simply say,
“Let it be”

For there are many
That want to say
What they would do

But they fail
To think
One thing through

If you are on this earth
In most cases,
You probably don’t see
That part of the problem
Might be thee

For its one thing to think
That your brother
Or another
Is the problem at hand
But I say to you,
“Look where you stand”

And what have you done
To contribute to
All the problems
Under the sun?

And can you see
The way things
Ought to be?

Or are you just deceived
And think
You know it all?

For if you’re not part
Of the solution
Then you’re part
Of the problem

For example,
Take a look and see
What it’s like to ride
On the average freeway

Are you the one
That abides by the law
As he rides along?

Or are you the one
That’s the speed demon?

Are you weaving in and out
Or are you staying
In your lane
Faithful to the same?

For many would complain
When they find themselves
In traffic
Just the same

Looking here
And looking there
Only to sneer
At others
When they don’t put it into gear

What about the guy
That cuts you off?
Is he part of the problem?
Or was it you?

When you failed to see
That person behind thee?
And turned in front
Before it was your time?

It’s all about
The perspective
That you see

You may not have stopped
To consider
That you’re not all glitter
And a show

But if all would truly know
And see your heart
They would know
Where the troubles start

So I say, today
Don’t go the wrong way
But open your eyes to see
That there are others
Besides thee

And though they may cause
Trouble, heartache and pain
You know deep down
That you’ve done the same

So don’t look around
Pointing your finger
Another’s way
But turn it around
And look into your own heart today

For if all would come
My way
Then they would see
What life was meant
To be

But if heaven were a freeway
Then all that traveled
That way
Would be courteous and kind

And they would mind
The law and do what’s right
And not put others
In perils and plight

And they would care more
To see
That you’re truly free
On your way
Each day

And everyone would
Smile and say,
“Good day!”
As they wave
And go by

So I hope you can see
The problem starts
In the heart

So if you want
A new start
You’ve got to fix
The heart

You need to go
To one who can show
You the way

And help you stay
In your lane
So you don’t cause
Any more pain

You need a mechanic
That won’t panic
When he takes a look
Under the hood

One who knows
How to start
And repair the heart

So the next time you hear
Others complain
Don’t do the same

Be part of the solution
Not the pollution
In the earth today

For why did I proclaim
My commandments to all?

But to point out the fall
And to show all
Where they fall short

For do you lie?
I’ll tell you why
It’s sin deep within
And it is grim

Do you steal?
You could be taking
Another’s meal!

And there are some that think
The rich owe the poor
But I say that all
Are indebted to Me

For I gave life
And the sight to see
I also gave you the ability
To see truth
And to know what’s right

So if you have broken
Any of the commands
Then you do stand
Guilty of sin

And none that have sin
Shall abide with Me

For I declare it
And make My will

For if you think
The world is better
With sin

And without Me
Not knowing
What’s right

Or the way to go
Then you’ll live
In confusion

And unless you get an infusion
Of life
You’ll die from strife
And never see or know
What it’s like to be
With Me

But I made a way
And I’ll help you today
But it starts
When you see
What’s truly happened
To thee

You must understand
Your plight
If you’ll ever come to know
What’s right
In My sight

You must understand
That sin is corrupt
And will bring you
To an abrupt end

But sin is like rust
A little here
And a little there

Day by day
Until all can see
The corruption in thee

For things that rust
Do take time
But ultimately,
They’ll go back to dust

For do not think
That anything corrupt
Will come to be with Me

For if you do not desire Me
In the here and now
You would not desire Me
In that Day

And if you would think
My way’s corrupt
Then why would you
Want to be with Me
For all eternity
If you’re the only one
That can truly see?

For I say it straight today
That you might know
That there’s a better way
To go

For what you think is grand
In time will be reduced to sand
And dust

But where I live
There is no rust
Or dust

But all must come through Me
If they would live to see
This place of My grace

Set aside for those
That would face
The truth 
And see what’s right

For I would not sell
You a lie
Or fail to tell
You why

There’s only one way
To the so-called
Pie in the Sky
And the Great By and By

I am the Door
And I hold the keys
So unless you say please
And come to your knees
And look to Me
You will not enter in
Or come to see eternal life

So humble yourself
Because there is no life
Apart from Me

And the sooner
You understand that
The sooner you’ll see
Exactly why you need Me

But I AM not on an ego trip
And I take no pleasure
When a man would slip
And fall

But all that call
Out to Me
Will surely see
That I am truly He

The lover of your soul
And the only One
Who can make you whole

But I only hear
The sincere
When they pray
And say,
“Please come My way”

For My way
Truly is
The free way

And there’s only
One way to go
So follow the signs
And see the times

So steer near
And hear
What the Spirit is saying
To the churches

And all that would call
On My Name
Just the same

But remember one thing
Those that do not
Look to Me
Also go but one way

And there are no exits
To be found
When you’re dead
And buried
In the ground

For if you will not come
My way
And you think you know
What’s right

Your pride will bring you low
And will cause you to fall
And you’ll never see
My grace at all

So turn around today
And get off that way
And follow Me
And truly see
What life was meant to be

Come follow Me!

Jesus, for I AM the Way

August 06, 2007 - A prophecy given by William A Lee
                       - Recorded by William A. and Linda I Lee



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