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Revealing Wisdom

But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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For I Will Proclaim Why

For I will proclaim why
You look into the sky
Every day 

And contemplate and say
Deep down in your heart,
“Where’s the place to start?”

It’s a place deep
In My heart –
That’s where you start

That’s where
I begin to say,
“Go this way.”

That’s where
you’ll hear
When you draw near

For I’m looking
For those
That would follow
Me today

And not look back
Not even one day

But whom can I find
Of this kind?
And of whom should I say,
“He’s the one that should
Come this way.”

For many desire to see
And many desire to hear
But whom shall I call on
When the time is near?

And whom will I ask to go
And proclaim it so
That all should know?

For it will be he
That will listen to Me
And he that opens
His heart to Me

The one that will
Not hold back
But makes Me
His refuge
In time of need

For if you think
You know
The way to go 
Then I do say,
“Don’t go that way.”

For you’ll fail to see
Unless you come to Me

Who knows My heart
And the place to start?

But if you would go
Then you must
Else make your heart
Like unto a cart

And fill it full
So that you’ll
Have something to give
To help others to live

For there are those
That look to Me
Though they cannot see

Yet I hear
When they whisper
In My ear

And I will send
Those that would lend
A helping hand

Even if you’re not
The man of the hour
With fanfare
And a shower

Be willing to follow Me
For what’s the greater prize?
To be honored in My eyes
Or in the eyes of men?

For if you only desire
The hire of men
Then you’ll spend
Your time
Perspiring to the end

But if you’ll look to Me
And honor what I would say
Then I’ll give you
My strength
In that day

Then you will
Make it to the end
When I send
You far and wide

So hear what My Spirit would say
To the Church in this day, 
Do not fear to go
If I put it in your heart
To do so

Be willing to listen to Me
And I’ll help you see
And go
So you can show
Others the way
In that day

For by My hand
I will separate
And cause you
to stand

And those that would
Think you a fool
Will see you rule
With Me

In the kingdom
Of My Father
In the here and now

For though I call
You to glory
What will be your story?

Lest you go now
And begin to do
What I would show you

And don’t be afraid
Or wonder about
The desires in your heart

For all you need do
Is start to follow Me
With a pure heart

And then you’ll see
Exactly how to go
And I’ll help you know
Everything you need to do

So you too
Will know what to do
And know the way to go

For I will show
And declare it to all
That would follow Me

But for those
That would hide
And refuse to look inside

And sit on the fence
Or on the bench
And watch the race go by

You’ll fail to understand the whys
And you’ll only get to see
What could have been for thee

So don’t let another
Accept your prize
So get it in gear
And come draw near

Or you’ll only be a spectator
In the Day
When I pass out the crowns
And none will be found
For you

For I proclaim today
That I have much to say
But you must learn to listen
And come do it My way

For you desire
That I would steer
But you never come near

And you fear
What I might say
To you in that Day

But I proclaim it now
So you won’t fail to realize
And win the prize
When you look into My eyes

When I say in that Day,
“Well done good
And faithful servant.”

For I will never ask
You to do
Too hard for you

Nor will I ever
Tell you to go
Unless I show
And make it plain

And give you the heart
And show you
Where to start

For I would not
Tell you to go
And leave you hanging out
Like a fool

Like one
Who went to build
Without a tool
Or a ruler

But I’ll give you
Everything you need
And send you out
With speed

So you can finish
The deeds
That must need
Be done

And I’ll give you
The wings to fly
High into the sky
So you can tell others why
I love them so

So lift up your eyes
And don’t despise
The call
I’ll help you so you won’t fall

For if you despise the call
You’ll never learn
What it is to live
At all

But if you’ll be like a seed
That falls into the earth
And dies

I’ll cause your life
To rise
And bear great fruit

And you will see the joy
That will come
When you begin to destroy
The works of the Evil One

When your life
Begins to feed
And fill the need
Of those I send you to

Make no mistake
I’m about to break
And bring to naught
The powers that be
In the world you see

But it’s only
Going to happen
By Me
Through thee

I’m calling out many
In this hour
To scour the earth

To go forth with mirth
In My name
Proclaiming the Gospel
The same

For I declared long ago
That this Gospel 
must be preached 
Into all the earth
To every nation
Under the sun
Before the end would come

Preached at the beach
Preached on the mountaintops
Preached in the city 

And preached in the fields
Until the earth yields
It’s precious fruit

This Gospel
Must be preached
Until it is shared
With all men

So therefore,
I must send
Some here
And some there

I may send you
To the beach
Or I may send you
To preach
On the mountaintop

But either way
Do not stop
Until I come

For only then
Will you know
That the job is done

And then I will
Receive you to Myself
That where I AM
There you may be also

For until you see Me
In the sky
To meet you in the clouds

Be about
The work at hand
And I’ll cause you to stand

Until all
That will accept the call
Come to Me

For I will reveal
My heart
To those that set
Their life apart

And I’ll give you
New eyes to see
That there is much more
To be found In Me

I’ll also give you
The words to speak
So you can be bold
And not weak

And I’ll help you to hear
As you draw near
And others will see

My glory in your face
As you take up your cross
And run your race

But count the cost
If you fail to answer
The call
You’ll also fail to receive
Any reward at all

And My reward is with Me
And it’ll be grand to see
Throughout eternity

For all those
That set their heart
To follow Me

They shall shine
Like the sun
And be a special one
To Me

But who is a faithful servant?
And who would honor Me?
And look into My heart and see
What’s dear to Me?

The reward is not all
You’ll receive
When you answer the call

But best of all
You’ll begin to see
New dimensions of life in Me

And I’ll draw near
And share My heart
With those that hold Me dear

For in the end
I AM the true Prize

And if you’ll count Me
As such
You’ll learn much

For those that honor Me
I will honor,

But I will not twist your arm
Or make you go
To work on my farm

It’s got to be your choice
To answer the call
And hear My voice

For there’s far more to see
Than it may look to thee
But know what I’ve said is true
And I’ll be waiting for you

For come,
Find the time
In this hour

So I can empower
You to be
An extension of Me

But believe Me
When I say
If you read this today

That you are one
That I have called to go
And I’ll begin to show
You what to do

Some will go far
And some will stay near
But in the end
I will steer

And I will show you
Where to go
Even if it’s down the street

So you can meet
The one that I’ve also
Called to be one with Me

And you’ll be the one
To show
Them how to be
Just like Me

And in that day
When you come to see
And stand before Me
You won’t fail to receive
Your reward

For the Books
Will be opened
And all will know
For I declare it so

So begin to look within
Lift up your chin
And with a grin
And a smile
On your face

Start to follow that desire
And the fire
That I’ve put within

For it will lead you
To the place
And help you finish
Your race

And give you
The strength
To go

So come and find
Your place in Me
And begin to see
The plans I have for thee

They’re better than
You know
But you’ll never know
Unless you go

And there’s much more
I have in store
But you will not come to see
What I have
Until you open the door

First open the door
Of your heart
Then I’ll set you apart

And then I’ll open the door
So you can begin to soar
And tell the story
Of My glory

But be patient
And wait
Until I open
The gate

For you will know
When the time is right
For I will speak to you
In the night

But until then
I want you to spend
Your time to prepare
So you can adequately share

And until I call you to share
I want you
To find another
And pay his fare

Get involved
And help solve
The problems
And the issues that arise

With others that I prize
That go before
Until I open
Your door

For your door
Will never open
If you will not
Take the time
To invest in what’s Mine

Until you help another
The same
You will not come to reign 
So don’t despise your brother
Or prize his call

For I did not call you
To be an island
But I called you
To get your directions from Me

So come and discover
What it means
To encourage another
So he can be
All that he was meant to be

For if you will help
Your brother
You will also discover
A reward
That few could afford

So don’t despise
Your days of small beginnings
But be wise
Look through My eyes
And you’ll see the ties

For your calling is tied
To your brother’s too
So help him run his race
And then I’ll show you
What to do

So run and do not hide
Forsake pride
And be meek
And seek to do My will

And then be still
Listen with your whole heart
And I’ll show you
Where to start

And you’ll make it
To the end
From the hour
That I send

Blessed are they
That finish the race
And accept the call
And give Me their all

For they are the ones
That will experience victory
And come to see
The true meaning of glory

So accept the call
And be faithful and true
And you’ll never fail
To see what to do

I’ll fill you up
And send you out
For the hour is at hand
So come and stand
With Me

So says, Jesus, the Lord of Victory.

August 05, 2007 - A prophecy given by William A Lee
                       - Recorded by William A. and Linda I Lee 



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