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But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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For I Hung On A Tree

For you know I died on a tree
But did you know it was for thee?
And why would I die on a tree?
And why was it to be?

It was to be
Because I placed
My glory in the tree

And the tree did bear
And share
The stain of sin
As I took it within

And the glory of the tree
Was never meant to bear
The shame of sin

But it did bear Me
As I hung on the tree
And it bore shame that day

When I did pray
And say,
“My God, My God,
Why have you forsaken Me?”

For I do remember the day
I did pray
And I do remember the stain
And the pain

But I remember it for you
So I could be a high priest, too
So I could minister life to you

For I do see
Just like thee
And I did feel
What it was like
When sin came within 

For all that knew Me did frown
I saw their faces
As they stood around
That day
Atop the cross I cried
But deep inside
I felt My Father’s pleasure

And I weathered the storm
For I knew I was born
For that day and that hour

For I did bear the scourge
Of sin and pain
For I did bear the stain
I felt those thorns
Pierce My brow

And I watched
As many mocked
Cheering and jeering

But I died for them
So they, too, would be free
From sin and shame
And the pain

And there were two others
That hung with Me that day
One did jeer and say,
“Why don’t you save us if you can?”

Little did he know
The way that I did go
For I died to save him that day

But he forsook My way
Finding more pleasure to mock
Than to talk

And there was the other
Thief too
But he would see anew
For he is here with Me today

And if he could tell you
He would also say,
“Come this way.”

For it’s the way
That leads to life
Free from strife
Free form death and pain
And all its stain

For all that knew Me
Forsook Me
For in that day
They did not know what to say 

Then like a mole
I was found in a hole
In the ground 

They thought I should rule
And not be a fool
To give My life away

But they did not see
That it pleased Me
And the Father, too
To give My life
An offering for you 

Hear what I would say
For I declare My love
For you today
In a new and special way

And I would say
Don’t forsake My love
All because you think
That My ways do stink

Or you don’t understand
Why Moses gave
The commands

But realize today
That there’s more
That I would say

To those that would listen
And hear
As My Spirit comes near

For My commands
Are not grievous
And I did reduce them to but two

“Love the Father
And one another, too.”

But is that too hard for you?
For I did not ask you to do
What you could not do

But that is exactly
Why I died for you

So you could have the power
In this hour
To overcome
The temptation of sin within

But it will not happen
Until you come to Me

And begin to see
That sin must be taken out of thee

For the problem is in the heart
And that is why
You need a new start

For if you think
You have life by the tail
Then why is this world
In such travail?

Can you not see
It’s the sin in thee?

If you are not for Me
Then you are against Me

And the life you think
You have by the tail
Will quickly fail
The day you die

But why?

There is more to life
To be found
Above the ground

And like a caterpillar
I can help you become
Transformed within

Free from sin
Something totally new
Free to fly into the sky

So you can live like a worm
And think you’re on firm ground
Or you can give your life to Me
And I’ll give you new wings
And a song to sing

So you can fly
To places and spaces
Found in Me
For I AM He

And I declare it to thee
And to all that would
Read this letter

If you’ll open your heart
Up to Me
I’ll help you to truly see

What you only thought
In your dreams
Could ever be
So come My way
Receive your pardon today
And let My glory
Give you a new story

For I’ll impart
My life
Into your heart
Giving you a fresh new start

And I’ll give you a new gown
And a crown
In that day
If you’ll walk My way
And do what I say

Come near
And receive
And only believe

Don’t try to figure it all out
Or you may lose out
And be left behind
Because it’s only a matter of time

For it’s only My desire
To bring you up higher
And to help you see
That you can have
A new life in Me

For there’s life
In no other
You’ll ever discover

So don’t be a fool
But learn to rule
And take your place
In My grace

For I invite you
To take My hand
And stand with Me

Throughout eternity
To behold My face
To forsake disgrace

For if you embrace
You’ll crash and burn
Before the race is won

But you must make
This choice today
For I would say,

“I stay behind the veil
Until all sell their soul
But who would be made whole
And sell their soul to Me?”

For if you will sell your soul to Me
I’ll give it back to thee
Pressed down, shaken together
And running over

I’ll give you life
And that more abundantly

But if you’ll sell your soul
To the evil one
Your life will be a waste
And you’ll stand before My face
In utter disgrace

And you’ll be ushered to a place
For the proud
For the evil
For the twisted
And the rebellious, too

Hear My heart today
And what I would say,
“Don’t go that way!”
But I will not force you
To walk in My ways
The choice is yours

So don’t sell yourself short
But come into My port
Where safety will be found
And blissfulness all around

Don’t let your boat sink
And take you down
For pride
Is but a short ride
To the bottom

But there’s glory
To be seen
And a story to be told

If you will embrace Me
And learn what it means
To be sold out

So come sell out to Me
And I’ll give you life

Jesus of Nazareth, the Firstborn Son of the Holy One.

September 7, 2007 - A prophecy delivered by William A. Lee
                   - Recorded by Linda I. Lee



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