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But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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For A New Day Has Come

A day of deliverance for some
For the few that come 
And renew their heart
And set their life apart to Me

For it is only they
That will come to see
What it means
To walk in true victory

To bear the image of the Son
The Holy One
The true root of David

To see through My eyes
And learn to despise
The ways of sin

To usher in 
A new age
And to set the stage
For that which is about to begin

For in this day I proclaim
By the power of My Name
The end from the beginning
Things that must shortly come to pass

For My Spirit is going to and fro
Throughout the earth
Looking for those that would desire
To be filled with My righteous fire

To know Me personally
And become acquainted 
With My heart
To know My power
In this hour

For the plans that I have in store
Will be clearly seen
As I open the door
For more and more
I AM opening the door

It will not be long 
Before all will see Me 
Coming on the clouds 
With great glory
Riding on a great white horse

But before that day comes
There will be great tribulation
And evil will prosper with mirth
Throughout the entire earth

And in those days
The armies of the earth 
Will take a stand
Against my righteous hand
And all those that come with Me

But they will be destroyed
By the brightness of My coming
For the battle is Mine
Says the Lord of Hosts

But in that Day and Hour
Who's side will you be on?

For only those that are with Me
Will be strong in that hour
And be able to stand in My power

For the armies of the earth
Will come against My great city

But in that hour I will stand and fight
With all My power and might
And none that take flight 
against My city shall be spared

But they shall bare their sin
Deep within

For they shall embrace
Their disgrace
And it shall be seen upon their face

For the cry of the battle shall be great
And the nations will quake
As they are gathered together
Like the waters to the sea

But in the end none shall fare
Against Me and My people
Or My great city or My Word

At my coming the kings of the earth
Shall mourn and sigh
And when they see Me they shall cry

For this battle shall be like no other
And all will discover
Who truly reigns

For burying the dead
Will become their stead
And there they shall make their bed

But lift up your head
And know the day is near at hand 

For who shall stand
But he that has clean hands 
and a pure heart?

For those that look to Me
Shall see good days
But those that forsake Me
Shall see the great blaze

So be wise in heart
And don't be a fool
Look to me
And soon you will come to rule

Only when you look to Me
Will you come to see
What it means to truly be free

So accept Me as your Lord
Then you will not inherit the sword
And you will live to see good days 
And your heart will be filled with praise

And the tribulation to come
Will not leave you on the run
Phased or dazed or blazed

But instead
You will have a new song
With a new heart
And a new start
That will set you apart unto Me

So says the Lord of Hosts,
Come unto Me!

June 16, 2007 – A prophecy given and recorded by William A. Lee
                     – Edited by Linda I. Lee



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