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Revealing Wisdom

But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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Blessings To Be

In My mind I see
Things I desire to give
To all that would follow Me

I have blessings in store
Blessings to see
Blessings, blessings
And blessings to be

But these blessings
Are not for all
But for those
That answer the call

Yes I do see
Each and every need
Just as I see
Each and every bird

But the blessings of which I speak
Are reserved for the meek
And for those that seek Me
With their whole heart
It’s for them
That I’ve set these apart

For I did look
Across the span of time
And I did see
All that call on Me

And I did place
These special blessings
In the path of the one
That comes to know
What it means to be a son

Just as you would not give a car
To a baby or to a young boy
Or even to one who is immature
Who would think it a toy

You would not put him
Behind the wheel to steer
Because you hold him dear

And the blessings I desire to give
Are for those that would grow
And mature

And truly seek
To follow Me
And discover
The things that are in My heart

But those that would
Seek first the kingdom
And take Me at My word

For they are the ones
That I have prepared
These special blessings for
And a whole lot more

They are the ones
That I will teach to drive
They are the ones
That will learn to abide
With Me
In a place of victory

For this place
Is not for the boys
And this place
Is not full of toys

But this place
Is found next to Me
And at My right hand
Where these pleasures
Shall be found forevermore

For I’m seeking for those
That will rule and reign with Me
And come to be
All I intended to be

But I cannot release My power
To do signs and wonders
And miracles, too
If you’re only looking out
For you

But these gifts are given
To the ones that desire to see
What a true fire in their heart
Was meant to be

For they are gifts
That I bestow
On all those that will go

And it does not mean
That I’ve called you to go
To the other side of the world

But that you’re willing to go
Where I would show
If it were next door
Or if it were across town

But can I count on you
To be one of the few
That would partake
Of the gifts?

For if you will give
Your life away
To serve Me
You will find
What life was meant to be

And you’ll never regret it
In the eternal day
Despite all that may
Come your way

For if I can make a bird fly
In the sky
I can help you to be
A blessing, indeed
To your brother
And to another

But you must value
Giving yourself away
And you must value
What I say

For if your opinion
Is worth more to you
Than what I say
You’re not worthy
To come this way

But if you’ll truly take to heart
What I would say
And act on it every day

And show Me
That you truly mean
To honor Me

It won’t take long
Before you see
The blessings I’ve set aside

And the gifts I desire to impart
For the one that would give Me
All of his heart

So I say today
Count the cost
For not everything
Has a price tag

And some things
Cannot be bought
With silver or gold

But you must learn to see
The value in hearing Me
And doing what I say

For the wisdom
I would impart
Can make you smart
And set you apart

And I can give you tools
That can confound fools
And show you what to say
On any given day

But can you believe
That I can do this for you?
Can you believe and receive?

Or will you only stare
And glare
At those that would?

For this is the last hour
And time is running out
And I will make My power available
To those that will become stable

Those that will look
Beyond their own need
And see
If they can help another

But can you see
What I intend to be?
And will you partake
Or will you just bellyache?

You can be a baby
And you can cry
Or you can grow up
And understand why

You can have a toy
Or you can have My joy
But you must decide
What’s more valuable to you

And don’t think
It’s too late
Or it’s not possible to do
And don’t think I’m a tyrant
That would demand this of you

For I AM good
And if you know Me
As you should

You will find
I AM gracious
And kind
And I bless
And I dress
And I cover
Another’s faults

Can you say the same?
Do you seek to address
Or cover another’s shame?

If you love Me
Then love your brother, too
For he's in the same
Boat with you

And you’re not an island
Unto yourself
But you need your brother
And his strength, too
Or you may find
Your tank will be drained
And there will be no one
To lift you up
In your hour of need

So learn what it means
To start sowing seeds
Give into My work
And give into the things I do

If you truly wish to see
How good life can be
When I AM on your side

For if you’ll build
My house
I’ll build yours, too

And if you’ll buy
Me a car
I’ll make sure
You have a good one, too

But you say,
"How can I buy you a car?"

But I say,
"If you’ve done it unto the least
Of these My brethren
You’ve done it unto Me."

For I see all that you do
And I take notice of it, too
And it’s here with Me
Written in books

And when the books are opened
All will see
The wonderful things
You did for Me

So can you believe
That I can do better
Than you can do for yourself?

For I AM the Vine
And you are the branches
And if you think you can
Live without Me
You’ll quickly see
It will never be

But I’ll never steer you wrong
Nor would I ever take
From anyone

Because I AM 
Righteous and true

So if you desire
To partake of My blessings
They are available to you

For I only offer
The very thing
All men know to be true

But without Me
And My word
They’ll never be

So hear what I would say
To My church today
And to all
That would come My way

There is a higher life
And a low life, too
But which one
Do you plan to do?

Take My hand
And I’ll help you see
Things you only dreamed
Could ever be
But I’ll make them into reality

For I should not have to
Dangle a carrot
Before your eyes
To help you see
What ought to be

But if you’re wise
And you desire
To truly see
Like Me

Then hear what I would say
And do it anyway

For I AM the Rewarder
Of those that diligently seek Me
And they will find a prize
Of a whole ‘nother kind

So embrace Me today
And My wisdom, too
Buckle your seat belt
And watch what I’ll do
Even for you

So says Jesus, the Lord of the Reward

October 10, 2007 - A prophecy given and recorded by William A Lee
                          - Edited by Linda I. Lee


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