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But if you would seek truth And desire to know what is right Then I’ll give you the wings of an eagle So you can take flight

Don’t be like the fool Who is taken by surprise Because he only can see What is before his eyes

Seize the moment and the hour To walk in My Spirit And My power


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Battle Cry

Did I not say,
"Greater is He that is in you
Than he that is in the world?"

For I proclaimed it in My book
And if you did not know
Then you definitely need
To take another look!

But now I say,
Prepare for the battle
Prepare for that which is coming
Prepare to see My glory
In a whole new way

For this is the day
Of My power
And this is the hour
To take a stand

To find out what I said
And to find out what I say
About your circumstances
On any given day

For this is not the day
To say,
Let us go our way
And have fun
And please ourselves

But this is the day
Of the battle cry!

For soon all who are Mine
Will hear the trump sound
And come up into the sky

To meet Me in the clouds
And to be with Me

And soon that day shall be
But before it comes
You should know

That the great foe,
That serpent of old,
The devil
Is mad as hell

And he is bent
On your destruction
Therefore I say,
Prepare for battle today

For he goes out
With much wrath
Because he knows
His time is short

But all just the same
His game has not changed
His tactics are the same
And he desires to maim

But in this last hour
It is now time
For My people to arise
And despise
This enemy and his ways

For I AM your salvation
And I can help you see
How to take the battlefield

But you must learn
To fight
With all your might

But you must know
This is no show
The battle is Mine
And I’ll give you
The victory in kind

But you must take your seat
At My feet
And be willing to hear
What I would say
So you can experience
Victory in this day

For many desire
To see victory
But they are not prepared
For the battle ahead

You must see the need
To prepare
But how will you prepare?
And what will you do?
Except I show it to you?

Don’t think
Everything in life
Has to be fair

And don’t think
Everything in life
Must be a fair

For there will be stairs
To climb
If you would come this way

And it will take
A spiritual workout
Every day

For even in the natural
No one goes to battle
Without first being prepared

For all must first go
To boot camp and work out hard
And be willing to go the extra yard

So start to prepare
And hear
What I would say

It’s going to take
More than Sunday School
In this hour and this day

You’re going to have to give
Yourself to Me
Or you’ll never see
The victory

For you must be willing
To pay the price
Because your enemy
Is not nice

And he intends
To push you
To the edge

But I will build a hedge
Of protection
Around those that look to Me

A hedge that the enemy
Cannot break through
Or get to you

So start to spend time with Me
And I will prepare you for the battle
And I will prepare you for the victory

For it’s going to be work
And I tell you that now
So you will not shirk

The task
That I ask you to do
In that day

For all those
That serve Me
Have a special place to be

And you need
To get your orders
Directly from Me

For I have posted
Platoon leaders
Majors, captains
And generals, too

But they are there
To help direct you
And teach you

How to be
All you can be
In Me

Make no mistake
You’re in a fight
Against the wickedness
Of the night

But this wickedness
Is not found
In any other nation

But this wickedness
Is stationed
All around

And they’re aiming
Right at your head
And want nothing more
Than to see you dead

So strap on the full armor
Put on your helmet
Put on your boots
Put on your fatigues

For who would go out
To the front line naked
With a gun?

Only a fool!

So pay attention
To what I say
By My Spirit today

For this can be
Your finest hour
Or this can be
Your end

If you don’t learn
How to defend
Against the attack

Because this enemy
Is more than willing
To stab you
In the back

So let all My church
And think soberly
About what I say

For this is no pun
And this is no game
Because this enemy
Is ready and willing
To maim

And one more thing
I would say
I never sent My people
To simply defend a hill

But I want My people
To learn 
How to attack
And fight back

I want you
To be strong
And courageous

For whom will it be
That would see
A medal of honor?
A medal of valor?

For men do fight
And die
And live
In a pigsty

All to win
And to take
Some ground

But I have much more
In store
I have the victor’s crown
And a new gown

But you must learn
How to spot the enemy
And his tactics

And learn to fight
Or you might be
His next casualty

Make no mistake
You’re in a fight
And those that win this battle

Will do it
By knowing the truth
And that which is right

So set your sights
On the prize
And remember,
The battle is not yours
But Mine

But you must still prepare
And spend time
In My word each day
And hearing
What I would say

Or in the hour of battle
You may go the wrong way
And step on a mine

Or you may find
Your life cut short
Because you did not prepare

Or take seriously
What I said
And ponder it in your head

But come talk to Me
And I’ll help thee
And I’ll set you under those
That can help you prepare

For the days
That lie ahead
So your head
Is not in a daze

But you learn
How to raze
The enemy’s kingdom
To the ground

And teach him how
To wear misery
And a frown

For My name is Jesus, I AM the Lord of Hosts

October 20, 2007 - A prophecy given by William A Lee
                          - Recorded by William A. Lee 
                          - Edited by Linda I. Lee


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